Crisis Hotline

The Wayne County Office of Behavioral & Developmental Programs & Early Intervention launches a new Crisis Line  in partnership with the Center for Community Resources (CCR).


(toll free 1-833-557-3224)

CCR provides mental health crisis intervention services, both telephone and mobile, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. Talk to a live, compassionate, and caring crisis counselor on the phone or request the counselor come to your community.

Anyone who is struggling with depression, emotional concerns, and/or serious mental health symptoms can REACH out for help and support by calling 1-833-55REACH.  CCR works with the Wayne County mental health provider network to link individuals to services and treatment helping people live their best lives.  

Wayne Crisis also provides follow-up support through the crisis event and resolution. Text and chat are also available through CCR’s website. All these confidential services are offered free of charge.