Care Management Services

Care Management is a comprehensive social services program designed to serve elderly persons in their own homes; to respect the older adult’s right to self determination; to foster independence; and to enhance the quality of life for these most frail members of our community. 

“Care Management” as a process is the evaluation of the unique conditions, concerns, and needs of frail older adults. That same process includes planning and securing social services to meet those varied and individual needs.

Evaluating for Specific Needs

Senior citizens who require Care Management services often have multiple, complex problems. Typically, these clients are “house or home-bound”, age 60 or above, who may live alone or with family members. These older adults are striving to maintain their independence for as long as possible in the least restrictive and most familiar environment – their own homes.

Maintaining Independence

In an effort to help older adults preserve and maintain their independence, the Agency assigns a Care Manager to work personally with each consumer in his or her own home. These specially trained staff members act as advocates, consultants, and service brokers for their clients. The Care Manager assesses the specific needs of the consumer, arranges for necessary services, and ensures that services are coordinated appropriately and efficiently. This same Care Manager will continue to work with the consumer, on an ongoing basis, for as long as services are needed.

Long Term & Short Term Services

Services may be of long or short term duration, depending upon the consumer’s individual needs. For example, an older adult who is about to be discharged from the hospital may require home delivered meals for a brief time during recuperation. However, a person suffering from the debilitating effects of a stroke may require help with bathing or other personal care needs on a lengthy, ongoing basis, for an indefinite period of time. In all cases, the Care Manager continually monitors and evaluates the consumer’s condition and circumstances, and makes needed adjustments to the consumer’s care plan.

Assistive Technology

The PA Assistive Technology Foundation developed a guide to help Pennsylvanians learn how to access assistive technology -- including home modifications, vehicle adaptations, hearing aids, smart home devices and durable medical equipment through the state's new Community Health Choices Medicaid managed care program.


Care Management Department staff is always available for questions and inquiries about situations and services. One easy phone call is your direct line to “caring” help.