Drug & Treatment Court


It is the mission of the Wayne County Drug and Treatment Court to promote the safety and welfare of our community by providing treatment and recovery opportunities to offenders who fully accept responsibility for their actions, for their addiction and who voluntarily commit to comprehensive addiction treatment and an ongoing program of recovery.

Why do we need a treatment court?

  • Drug courts ensure compliance.
  • Drug courts reduce crime.
  • Drug courts restore families.
  • Drug courts save money.

Five Phase Program

The Drug and Treatment Court has been designed to offer non-violent offenders, suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, the treatment they need and restrictive intermediate punishment, in lieu of jail. The program is five phases and can take up to 36 months to complete.

Forms for Advancing through Program Phases:

Application for Advancement to Phase II

Application for Advancement to Phase III

Application for Advancement to Phase IV

Application for Advancement to Phase V