County Employment Opportunities

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  1. ------Bureau of Talent Acquisitions  -----   (formerly Civil Service)
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Bureau of Talent Acquisitions (Civil Service)

Departments and Positions

Employment opportunities with the Wayne County Office of Human Services (Area Agency on Aging, Children and Youth, Drug and Alcohol or Behavioral and Developmental Programs/Early Intervention) are covered through the Pennsylvania Office of the Governor, Bureau of Talent Acquisitions (Civil Service) System.

Information to Assist With Testing 

County Caseworker 1  (C&Y, Behavioral Health, Early Intervention)

County Caseworker exams have been shifted from a written, sit-down test to an employment and training (E&T) experience online application, giving applicants the ability to take the exam from the comfort of their own home without having to schedule an exam, travel to a testing site, take off work, pay for parking, etc. This is also an up-to-date, relevant exam where the scores will be based on actual experience and training indicated by the applicant on their application.

If you are interested in a merit-covered position, such as a County Caseworker—Children and Youth or County Caseworker—Mental Health/Intellectual Disabilities, you will need to apply through the website  rather than through the county office. This is a two-part process which will require you to take an exam to receive a score which you will then use to apply for vacancies of interest. For step-by-step instructions on the application process, consult the Caseworker Brochure.

Applicants, who pass the exam and receive a score, will be placed on a master eligible list and later notified via email when vacancies are posted. The candidates who apply to the vacancies will be referred to agencies for interviews, as approA green and blue medallion logo announce the hiring of County Caseworkers.priate.

The online test announcement is always open, however specific jobs postings open and close as determined by the Civil Service Commission. On the "Current Job Openings" page, you will find the listings labeled (test) and (apply). You need only test once for each Job Title, but apply as vacancies are posted.

Please note, Wayne County generally hires from the County Caseworker 1 list and after successful completion of the six month probationary period would be recommended to be promoted to a County Caseworker 2, which would not require a test.