Student Assistance Program Resources

Dear SAP Teams,

      You, as educators, counselors, and administrators are the lifelines between our schools and communities.  Staying informed of new developments and tested theory in Trauma Care can be very supportive in your efforts.  I have been assembling valuable information and resources from the Top Trauma Care specialists in the world and will continue to do so.  I felt it would be helpful to have this information in a condensed format at your fingertips for easy resourcing and referral.  Valuable information will be posted and updated on our website (see links below).  The information could help you, your family, your students and their families now and in the future.  The information comes from the Top Trauma care specialist in the world. How are your students coping?  How are the families of our community coping?  How are you coping?  How are you taking care of yourself?  What can you do to keep yourself regulated?  How will this stress appear in your schools and classrooms when school resumes?  The evidence is proven that the mental health effect of this virus and trauma can and will be a delayed response for children and youth.    

Thank You for all that you do.

More resources from Dr. Bruce Perry

Staying Emotionally Close In The Time of COVID19

How do we manage in the midst of COVID-19? Guy Macpherson reached out to one of our field’s most inspiring figures, @BDPerry, on The Trauma Therapist Podcast to share his guidance for these crazy times. - 

Facebook Discussion 

A discussion with Dr. Bruce Perry, Dr. Liz McIngvale and Jim "Mattress Mac" McIngvale focusing on the impact that Coronavirus has on children, families, and the community.

Conversations about the Pandemic with Oprah

Dr. Bruce Perry speaks with Oprah Winfrey on Apple + about stress, distress and trauma

Further Resources

Get yourself prepared for the 2020/2021 school year with students

View Double Trouble The challenge of the current pandemic coming on the heels of the devastating effects of the Camp Fire in late 2018. A discussion with the Butte County educational community about stress, distress and resilience.

Stop Romanticizing Lockdown—It’s a Mental Health Crisis in the Making

For many people, being physically isolated in their homes is going to be both triggering and re-traumatising. An Elephant Journal article.

Episode 12, Partnered with a Survivor Podcast (Special COVID-19 edition)

In the first of a series of COVID-19 specific podcasts, Ruth Stearns Mandel & David Mandel talk about how the dynamics of domestic abuse are changing in the context of the COVID-19. Talking to both professionals and family members, Ruth offers insights from her own history related to being isolated with her abusers. The discussion about how we can best continue to partner with survivors and intervene with perpetrators follows with examples and practical steps.

What Resets Our Nervous System After Trauma

A free report from National Institute for the Clinical Application of Behavioral Medicine, with Peter Levine, PhD.