Prevention Services

What is being done to teach school aged youth about the negative effects of alcohol and drug use, help them build coping skills to avoid drugs and alcohol, and deal with life stressors in a healthy way?

An important part of the mission of the Wayne County Drug and Alcohol Commission is to prevent drug and alcohol problems before they begin. 

To help accomplish this, the Wayne County Drug and Alcohol Commission’s Drug and Alcohol Prevention Program provides:

  • Evidence-based drug and alcohol prevention programs in the Wayne Highlands, Western Wayne and Wallenpaupack Area School Districts at all grade levels.
  • Student support groups covering a variety of topics
  • Community programs on alcohol and other drug related topics
  • Student Assistance Program (SAP) consultation and liaison services
  • Parenting programs and support groups
  • Specialized classroom programs and trainings for students, teachers, and other professionals

The general goal of prevention services are to reduce the risk factors, which lead to drug or alcohol abuse, and strengthen the protective factors, which reduce the risk of drug and alcohol abuse.  These risk factors can be addressed with individuals, families, in our schools and in our community.

To speak with one of our prevention staff about how to help a child who may be using alcohol or other drugs or a child who may be in need of support due to a family member’s substance abuse, please call 570 253-6022.  Our office hours are Mon-Fri 8:00 to 4:00.

All calls are kept strictly confidential.