Adult Daily Living Services

ADLCPainting2An Adult Day Services program is a cost effective program allowing much needed respite for families that have primary care of their loved ones. 

Adult Day Services provides a structured program of activities and health related services for older adults that are physically or cognitively challenged and who want to remain at home. The objective is to provide the client with social and mental stimulation, to care for their physical needs while giving their caregiver, usually a family member, a well earned break. 

Participants who may have been isolated get to interact with peers, share in activities, and benefit from new friendships. It also helps to maintain their level of independence. 

The impetus for the Adult Day Service Center sprang from a local support group, which first identified the need that was later validated by a community needs survey.

Adult Day Centers primarily serve older adults with either dementia-related conditions or adults with developmental or intellectual disabilities. The core services include personal care, nursing services, therapeutic activities, social services, nutritional and therapeutic diets, and emergency care, giving family caregivers peace of mind and a much-needed respite.

Wayne County AAA may have program funding to offset the costs. Adult Day Services can be reached at 570- 390-7388.