Accepted Materials

An image noting the Recycling Center does not accept electronic devices or matresses for recycling.

Cell Phones for VIP

The Wayne County Recycling Center is now a ‘drop-off site’ for cell phones to be donated to Victims Intervention Program (VIP) for emergency use by clients.

Glass Bottles (Clear, Brown & Green -- each color needs to be separate)

  • Empty and rinse
  • Discard caps and tops
  • We do not accept the following items so please do not include with glass bottles: windows, mirrors, light bulbs, white glass, dishes, drinking glasses, Pyrex, candles, heat tempered glass or ceramics.

Metal Cans (Metal & aluminum cans may be mixed together)

  • All food and beverage cans (aluminum & tin)
  • Empty and rinse
  • Labels may stay on
  • Do not include with metal cans: pie plates, foil, paint cans, aerosol cans, pots and pans, fuel tanks, coat hangers or other metal items.

Plastic Bottles (#1 plastic must be separated from #2 as we have a bin for each)

  • (Bottles marked with Number 1 or Number 2 on the bottom)
  • Empty and rinse
  • Do not include with plastic bottles: plastic bags, tubs, trays, toys or other plastic items (even if they are labeled Number 1 or Number 2), Styrofoam, plastic bottles labeled with Number 3, Number 4, Number 5, Number 6 or Number 7 on bottom or motor oil bottles.

Cardboard & Chipboard (Can be mixed together)

  • Such as: cereal boxes, tissue boxes, shoe boxes, gift boxes, dry & frozen food boxes, paper product end rolls, corrugated cardboard boxes (please remove all bag inserts and flatten boxes) and soda and beer packs.
  • Do not include with chipboard: bag inserts from cereal boxes, pizza boxes (because of grease), dishwasher soap boxes & laundry detergent boxes (wax inside), ice cream boxes (wax inside), drink boxes (wax inside), milk boxes (wax inside).


  • We accept appliances such as: refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, dehumidifiers and ice makers that contain refrigerant. For a nominal fee of $15 per unit, residents can drop off these appliances knowing that the refrigerants will be safely evacuated by trained and certified personnel.


  • Includes clean newspapers and newspaper inserts
  • Keep dry, clean and out of sunlight
  • Place in neat stacks and tie with heavy string or twine
  • Do not tie with plastic, wire, cloth or pantyhose
  • May also be placed in brown grocery bags
  • Do not include with newspapers: phone books, junk mail, cardboard or magazines

Magazines/Mixed Paper (May be mixed together)

  • Includes: office papercatalogs, magazines, phone books and junk mail, paper-back or hardcover books (hardcover books should be kept separate unless you rip off hard covers in which case the hard cover will go with cardboard).
  • Tie with heavy string or twine separately from newspaper.
  • Do not tie with plastic, wire, cloth or pantyhose.
  • May also be placed in brown grocery bags.
  • Do not include with magazines: cardboard, newspapers.

Scrap Metal

  • Such as: dishwashers, ovens, water heaters, furnaces, BBQ grills, string lights (i.e. Christmas lights), microwave ovens, metal desks, lawn mowers (all fluids drained), bicycle frames, lawn chair frames, old swing set frames, washers, dryers and metal stove tops, etc.

Tire Recycling Program

  • (P) Passenger vehicle or (LT) Light Truck tires: $4 off rim, $6 mounted on rim
  • Commercial, agricultural or industrial tires: $15 off rim, $25 mounted on rim
  • Farm tractor or similar-sized tires are NOT accepted, unless they are cut into 4 or more pieces before drop off.
  • Large Tire Pricing is also subject to size and weight as determined by the Wayne County Recycling Center
  • All prices subject to change by WCRC.
  • Wayne County Residents Only! Call 570-253-9727 for more information

Soft Plastics 

  • This includes plastic grocery bags, bread bags, dry cleaning bags, case overwrap, newspaper sleeves, ice bags, Ziploc and re-closable bags, produce bags, bubble wrap, salt bags… any plastic that is soft, including cereal bags. Plastics must be clean and dry and free of food residue.


  • The center accepts used clothing and textiles for recycling.