An image explaining the Wayne County Recycling Center is closed until further notice.

The center will be accepting all regularly accepted materials EXCEPT, due to COVID-19,  cannot accept any soft plastics (shopping, bread, vegetable, garbage bags, etc.) at this time. Weis Market has advised  that they will not accept them, therefore, we have nowhere to distribute them for recycling.  

Thank you for your anticipated cooperation.

Wayne County Recycling Center, Municipal Drop Off Sites to Reopen

The Wayne County Commissioners have decided to reopen the county’s recycling center in Beach Lake by the end of May. Until then, to accommodate those wishing to resume recycling, residents can begin bringing their plastic, newspaper, magazines, glass, cans and cardboard to one of 14 municipal drop off sites throughout the county.

Some of those sites resumed operations Saturday, May 9. The rest will resume normal hours as scheduled thereafter.

The recycling center, at 66 Volunteer Drive, Honesdale, closed to the public on March 30 and municipal drop off sites did the same in response to concerns over COVID-19. At that time, commissioners and Recycling Coordinator Randy Heller said they would continually monitor the situation and seek to reopen whenever it was feasible and thanked the public for understanding.

After multiple conversations between commissioners and Heller, a plan has been put into place that allows social distancing and other measures to allow for recycling to occur in safe and convenient manner. This includes limiting the unloading of recycling to one vehicle at a time; mandating masks and gloves for all staff members; and mandating masks for all members of the public dropping off recycling.

For the recycling that is collected at the municipal drop off sites, it will remain untouched for at least 72 hours before being handled by recycling center staff, allowing any coronavirus to dissipate.

 “We appreciate the high interest in recycling our residents have and we know that the routine of recycling has been commonplace for years in this county,” said Commissioner Brian Smith.

“Over the past six weeks we have heard loud and clear messages from residents that they want recycling to resume. We are happy to be making this announcement that we are doing just that,” said Commissioner Jocelyn Cramer. “This is a good example of how the county looked at one of our county operations and modified it with safety measures spurred by the pandemic and helped us get to this reopening.”

Along with the accepted recycling materials, the weigh station at the recycling center will also reopen by the end of the month. For more information, call the center at 570-253-9727.

Commissioner Joe Adams noted that “reopening the center and the drop off sites is a sign of normalcy that residents will appreciate. And we are glad that our number of COVID-19 positive cases have remained low enough that we’re able to bring some of our employees back from furlough and provide this popular service.”

Notice: The Wayne County Recycling Center Can Not accept electronic products for recycling at this t

The County owned and operated Recycling Center, in Berlin Township is geographically located in the center of the County, on County property. It serves as the main collection and processing facility in the County system. It also houses the administrative offices of the entire Solid Waste Department.

Materials collected through the countywide drop off program are delivered to the Recycling Center, where they are processed and prepared for delivery to various markets. The Center also serves as a public drop off site for residential, as well as commercial entities throughout the County. The County’s recycling program is “Source Separated” in nature, whereby materials are separated by the homeowner and then placed in appropriate containers.

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