Information for Funeral Directors

Submit a Completed Copy of a Death Certificate

This office is required to receive a completed copy of the death certificate of all decedents referred to this office. This includes, but is not limited to cremation authorizations.

Cremation Authorization / Irreversible Disposition

When the intended disposition of any person whose death occurred in Wayne County is to be irreversible, (Cremation, Body Donation to Science, Burial at Sea, etc.), the Licensed Funeral Director overseeing the disposition MUST obtain written authorization from the Coroner or a Deputy Coroner prior to the disposition.  The Law pertaining to this can be found in Section 1237 A.9. of the Pennsylvania Code.

How to Obtain Cremation Authorization

Prior to cremation/disposition:

Email a copy of the death certificate and/or complete medical certification, and vitals, including disposition details to

Your request will be simultaneously received by the Coroner, Chief Deputy and the Death Investigation Sergeant.

  1. Your request will be reviewed and authorization granted as soon as possible, with no guaranteed timeline; you may be contacted for more information.   Finally, you will receive written authorization when it is granted. 
  2. There is a $50 fee for this service payable to “Wayne County Treasurer.” Checks may be mailed to the Office of the Coroner.