Mission Statement

The Office of the Wayne County Coroner delivers services to the citizens of, and those who die within the County of Wayne, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The Coroner's Office is an independent investigative agency staffed by highly trained personnel whose function is to investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding a death over which the Coroner has jurisdiction and to determine the Cause and Manner of Death.

Investigative services performed include: forensic death investigations, forensic post mortem examinations, forensic photography, forensic fingerprinting, forensic entomology, forensic anthropology, forensic temperature analysis, forensic child and infant death analysis, forensics bloodstain pattern analysis, forensic odontology and forensic ophthalmology.

Death scene investigations include: natural deaths, accidents, suicides, homicides as well as deaths due to neglect, abuse, terrorism, fire/arson, industrial accidents and mass disasters.

The investigations and rulings of The Office of the Wayne County Coroner concerning criminal acts or criminal neglect or those that affect public health and safety are the foundation for follow-up actions other investigative agencies.

Wayne County Coroner 

Dr. Edward R. Howell, Psy.D, FD

Edward Howell, Coroner

A lifelong resident of Wayne County, Edward was raised on the family dairy farm in Clinton Township. A 2007 graduate of Western Wayne High School, he went on to earn an Associate's Degree in Funeral Service & Mortuary Science from Simmons Institute of Funeral Service in Syracuse, NY. He also earned a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology with concentrations in Bereavement Counseling and Education after matriculating at Millersville University and Messiah College. In 2020, Edward earned his Doctor of Psychology with a specialization in Thanatology.

Edward has served as County Coroner since January of 2012. In addition to being a Pennsylvania Licensed Funeral Director & Embalmer, Edward is an active member of the PA State Coroner’s Association and the International Association of Coroners and Medical Examiners. He is the Chairperson of the Wayne County Chapter of the Child Death Review Team and works closely with the American Academy of Pediatrics for this responsibility. Edward is also a member of the Association for Death Education and Counseling. 

Edward and his wife Anna have been blessed with four sons, Matthias, Josiah, Levi, & Micah. The Howell Family lives in Clinton Township where they enjoy the opportunity to contribute to the efforts of family agriculture. Both Anna and Edward play music with "The Old Time Fiddlers"; they are also active in their local church and Sunday School.