Map Production & Digital Data Requests

Paper Map Production

The Wayne County Planning Department, through the use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), produces aerial photography maps and other similar maps for sale to the general public. These maps are most often utilized by local surveyors and real estate agents, but they are available to any member of the general public. The prices for the aerial maps are based on the selected paper size.

Aerial Map


8.5 inches by 11 inches Maps - $5

11 inches by 17 inches Maps - $10

24 inches by 36 inches Maps - $20

36 inches by 48 inches Maps - $25


Any mapping that requires alterations or editing of the data is subject to a $25 fee per hour required, in addition to the base map fee.
The aerial photography can be overlaid with other types of information, such as parcel lines, watercourses and contour lines, among others. The most current year of aerial photography available is from 2017. However, aerial photography is also available for the years 2008, 1997 and 1959. The information presented on the maps is intended for use as a general guide. It is not intended to take the place of an on site survey by a licensed professional.

Digital Data Requests

Digital geospatial data is available upon request according to the following price schedule:

  • As many data layers that will fit on a CD - $20
  • Digital delivery is also available via email or FTP site at a rate of $5 per layer
  • The parcel layer with tax assessment data and ownership information attached is available at a rate of $50 per municipality or $1,400 for the entire County.


In order for a paper map or digital data request to be processed, the customer must complete and submit a disclaimer with the submission of payment for the item. Prior to submitting a completed disclaimer for data, we request that you call our office to discuss the requested item. We can be reached at 570-253-5970, ext. 4060. 

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