Mapping Services

The Wayne County Planning / GIS Department maintains the County’s geospatial information. The maintenance of the data is made possible through the use of its Geographic Information System (GIS). The geospatial data is utilized internally by other Wayne County Departments and is also available for use by the public.

911 Address Management

One service that Planning / GIS Department provides is the maintenance of the County’s 911 data. GIS enables our office to assign and edit 911 addresses for the ultimate purpose of emergency dispatch. For more information on services associated with 911 address information view the 911 Address Management.

Map Production & Digital Data Requests

We also have the capabilities to produce mapping for use by the public. The paper maps produced are priced based on the size of the map desired by the customer and also the amount of time required to produce the map. Our office is also able to reproduce the County’s raw geospatial data for sale in digital format. For more information on obtaining mapping or geospatial information visit Map Production & Digital Data Requests.

Wayne County Interactive Map

Wayne County Interactive Map

For those who wish to simply view the County’s GIS Data online, a web map has been created for this purpose. Interested parties can search for specific locations via the County’s six digit “control number.” This unique tax parcel identifier is assigned by the Wayne County Tax Assessment Office. It provides a quick and efficient means to identify and search for specific parcels. Searches by parcel owner’s last name and 911 physical address are also possible.