Forestry Resources

Below are some resources for foresters, loggers, and any other businesses or people who may have an interest in how responsible, sustainable forestry practices are done in Pennsylvania.

Forestry Contacts Master List – An updated list of known local Foresters, Timber Harvesters, Arborists, and Log Truckers in and surrounding Wayne County

Timber Harvest Packet: An Erosion and Sediment(E&S) Control Plan Template for a Timber Harvesting Operation. This is a great packet issued by the PA DEP, which provides a template for crafting an E&S plan for timber harvest. It contains many Best Management Practices(BMP's) which are used often in logging operations such as Rock Construction Entrances(RCE), waterbars, silt fence and Compost Filter Sock(CFS) installation. 

The packet is free to fill out and should be completed and available on site at any active timber harvest or logging operation to show the site is in compliance with Chatper 102 regulations.

Web Soil Survey: This is an online tool which provides information on soil types and their characteristics and limitations which is helpful to complete an accurate and effective E&S plan.

Northern Tier Hardwoods Association(NTHA): A nonprofit organization that promotes long term economic development in the Northern Tier of Pennsylvania through intelligent forest management, careful expansion of secondary wood processing, improved manufacturing methods, regional hardwood promotion and education. This is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about our local forestry practices and businesses.