Prepare & Share

  • Who: Every Family in Wayne County
  • What: Make up an Emergency Preparedness Kit: Kit kept in your home until needed or November 1st of each year then all Non-perishable food items in the kit are donated to the Wayne County Pantry Program to go to needy families to assist during the holiday season and you restock your kit with fresh items.
  • Where: Food should be donated to the Wayne County Pantry Food Program. Contatc Wayne County Pantry Board at 570-253-4646.
  • How: Follow the “Basic Recommended Emergency Prepareness Kit” below to create your emergency kit. Gather supplies now and mark your calendar for the Prepare and Share program starting November 1st of each year.
  • Caring is Sharing

Note: This program is not intended to replace the existing Wayne County Pantry Program, only supplement it. Certainly, the Wayne County Pantry will continue to accept any and all donations.