Recording Documents

Note: No faxed documents are accepted for recording.

Document Requirements (not inclusive)

  • Date of document.
  • Acknowledgment must include the following, if any of the following are missing the acknowledgment will be considered defective.
    • County
    • State
    • Date
    • Person/corporate officers appearing
    • Notary signature
    • Notary stamp
    • Notary expiration date
  • Notary stamp must be clear and legible. Writing or typing information on the stamp is a violation of chapter 12 of the Pennsylvania Notary Law.
  • All documents must indicate municipality, county, and state where property is located.
  • The written amount of consideration must match the numerical amount on all deeds.
  • All deeds, mortgages and assignments must have a certification of grantee, mortgagee or assignee’s address with zip code and it must be signed.
  • Book and page numbers of mortgages must appear on all documents that refer back to an original mortgage.
  • Transfer taxes and/or statement of value forms must accompany all deeds. These forms must be fully completed as per the State Department of Revenue.
  • Checks submitted for payment of taxes and fees must be in the correct amount
  • Rerecorded documents must be resigned and reacknowledged.
  • Multiple documents constituting one transaction must be clearly numbered as to the proper order in which they are to be placed on record. Any rerecording expenses resulting from an improper order of documents will be paid for by the party submitting the instruments for recording.
  • Documents presented for recording with property in more than one municipality must clearly state in the document the percentage in each municipality as to the division of local transfer tax.


Since all recording in our office is done by scanning, please use black ink, black stamp pads, black typewriter ribbon and white or manila paper.

Unacceptable Documents

Only legible documents capable of being reproduced on microfilm will be acceptable for recording, all others will be returned to the sender. Faxed copies, emailed copies or reproductions of any kind are not acceptable for recording. Documents must not exceed 8 ½” x 14”. Maps must not exceed 24” x 36”.

Mailing of Recorded Documents

The Recorder’s Office will not mail recorded documents unless a stamped, self-addressed envelope has been furnished at the time of recording.