Countywide Property Tax Reassessment

A reassessment, which commissioners first announced in January, does not increase or decrease tax revenues, per state law. It only redistributes the total tax burden more fairly. A resident’s county, municipal, and school taxes are all based on the assessed value of a property. Past practice from reassessment shows that about one third of properties will see lower taxes, one third will see little to no change and one third will see a tax increase. 

Wayne County last conducted a countywide property tax reassessment in 2004. Since that time property values have changed, creating inequities in the value of real estate in the county. The entire process will take more than a year with new values reflected in the 2023 tax bills.

The county has contracted with Tyler Technologies Inc. to work in conjunction with the county’s own Tax Assessment Office to provide real property appraisal services for the county’s general reassessment. 

A grid showing the 18-month timeline for the Wayne County Reassessment Project

The Wayne County Commissioners recently began notifying property owners of the tentative value of their homes, businesses or lands for the purposes of 2023 real estate taxes.

With the countywide reassessment of property, the overall value of land for taxation increased from more than $5 billion under the previous values established in 2004 to more than $9 billion for 2023.

In order for the county budget to remain revenue neutral, as required by law, the tax millage rate has tentatively been set at 3.49, compared to the 5.23 mills currently levied by the county. The final millage rate will be subject to the appeal process and the impact of Clean & Green Preferential Assessments, which will not be finalized until the new use values are supplied by the PA Department of Agriculture later this year.

Property owners can take the value in the letter and multiply it by .00349 to determine their proposed County tax bill. This will not factor in school or municipal taxes. These values do not reflect Clean & Green assessments, either.

The Wayne County Commissioners stress that individuals with questions and concerns or those who find inaccuracies in their assessment should ask for an informal review to address the issues. The goals of the countywide reassessment are accuracy and fairness, so participation by property owners is crucial at this stage.

For those dissatisfied with the outcome of the informal review, there will be formal appeal hearings scheduled this fall. The final valuation and proposed tax rate take effect in 2023.

Questions should be directed to the local assessment hotline located in the county’s Assessor's Office570-251-8985