Keep Wayne County Beautiful

Homegrown Litter Campaign

The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau has started a campaign against roadside trash called #PickUpthePoconos. The website provides information on organizing a litter pluck, offers safety tips and resources as well as spelling out the consequences of littering. 

The agency created a half dozen different designs of yard signs encouraging people not to litter. The weather-resistant signs are available to businesses and individuals who would like to promote the anti-litter campaign. Contact PMVB at 570-421-5791.

The PMVB also asks organizations that sponsor special litter pick-up programs to contact them to be included on The annual Pick Up the Poconos Days are in April and September eachyear.

"Littering is a disgrace and people need to be reminded not to litter. Our schools are working hard teaching kids to recycle but we need to focus on the adults."  #PickUpthePoconos

-- Commissioner Chairman Brian Smith

Simple Steps to Take

Do your part to end littering.
  • Don't toss; get a trash can for the car or bring a bag.
  • Don't overfill garbage cans and dumpsters; secure from animals.
  • Leave only footprints on hiking trails, rivers and streets.
  • Come prepared; bring a trash bag for the picnic or party.
  • Pick it Up, If you see litter and you can safely do so.
  • Spread the word.

The Wayne County Commissioners encourage all citizens to help Keep Wayne County Beautiful by not littering along the roads and highways and by participating in or organizing a roadside clean up.

Each year during Pick Up PA , which lasts until May 31st, registered events can get free cleanup supplies such as bags, gloves and vests donated by PennDOT, the Department of Environmental Protection, and Keep America Beautiful.

For information, contact Ann Oliveri at PennDOT's Wayne County Adopt-a-Highway Program. Call 570-253-3130.