Sustainability Initiatives

Agriculture Education in Schools

Wayne Tomorrow! assisted in reintroducing agricultural education in the local school district curricula, which resulted in the reintroduction of Future Farmers of America

Craft Brew Cash Crops

With the expansion of the craft beer brewery industry in Wayne County, Wayne Tomorrow is organizing fact-finding activities around hops and barley.

Economic Development Plan for Agriculture

The county has completed an agriculture economic development study that considered traditional land-use planning and other types of infrastructure planning as well as recommending creation of milk processing and meat processing plants.

NEPA Recyclopedia

A website created by the Sustainability Working Group and containing comprehensive information what, where and how to recycle a multitude of items. It also includes tips for reducing and reusing items.

Rocket Composting Machine

The Wayne Highlands School District with assistance from Wayne County received a grant to purchase a Rocket Compost machine to help reduce food waste generated by the schools' cafeteria program.

Senior Farmers Market Access

This is an effort to give Senior Citizens easy access to fresh produce without adding to the busy market schedule of many farmers.

Solar Array at Stourbridge Project

Working with the Clean Energy Cooperative, the Wayne County Commissioners have given tentative approval for a solar power project on the roof of the Stourbridge Project, which will include an educational kiosk about sustainable energy and this project in particular.

Wayne Pike Trails & Waterways Alliance Project

Wayne Tomorrow assisted with the launch of a grassroots effort to develop the riverfront in Honesdale Borough. The collaboration has grown to encompass and rails and trails project to Hawley and beyond. A feasibility study is currently underway.

Wayne County Parks & Recreation Inventory Brochure

In 2015, Wayne Tomorrow and the Wayne County Department of Planning/GIS produced a comprehensive map and inventory of recreational facilities in the county.