Business & Economic Initiatives

Arduino Day

In 2017, the Wayne County Stourbridge Project hosted its first Arduino Day, bringing together real world maker and those who want to be for an educational and entertaining forum celebrating the Arduino, an open-source, low-cost prototyping board.

Chamber of Commerce Merger

In 2014, the three regional chambers of commerce serving businesses in Wayne County merged into a single, stronger entity now known as the Chamber of the Northern Poconos.

Craft Brew Cash Crops

With the expansion of the craft beer brewery industry in Wayne County, Wayne Tomorrow is organizing fact-finding activities around hops and barley.

Economic Development Plan for Agriculture

The county completed an agriculture economic development study that considered traditional land-use planning and other types of infrastructure planning as well as recommending efforts to create milk processing and meat processing plants.

Getting Out of Your Foxhole Entrepreneur Series

Learn more about this digital opportunity to expand your horizons with informative and insightful information aimed at small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Project SEARCH

Wayne Memorial Hospital, the three local school districts and the County Office of Behavioral and Developmental Programs came together to create a Project SEARCH Program to provide expanded opportunities for meaningful employment for special needs students.

Prototyping Lab

As part of the Stourbridge Project Business Incubator, a prototyping lab including a 3D printer and other equipment has been established.

Southern Wayne Broadband Expansion

Understand the broadband expansion project in the Sterling Business and Technology Park.

Stourbridge Project Business Incubator

Wayne County and the Wayne Economic Development Corporation launched The Stourbridge Project in 2016, gradually creating three different tiers of support for developing businesses.

Waymart Natural Gas Project

Several agencies are working on an expansion of the natural gas service offered in Waymart as an economic development boost.

Wayne Memorial Hospital Expansion Project

Wayne Memorial Hospital in Honesdale has nearly completed an expansion project that will add an 85,000-square-foot patient tower to the facility on Park Street.

Wayne Pike Trails & Waterways Alliance Project

Wayne Tomorrow assisted with the launch of a grassroots effort to develop the riverfront in Honesdale Borough. The collaboration has grown to encompass and rails and trails project to Hawley and beyond. A feasibility study is currently underway.

Wayne County Economic Growth Fund

This fund provides grants to for-profit entities for the purpose of undertaking activities that will encourage and support economic growth and job creation within Wayne County. The program is administered by WEDCO on behalf of the County Commissioners.

Wayne County Park Street Kitchen & Café

The training Kitchen & Café allows youth and those with disabilities or others with barriers to employment, an opportunity to learn pre-employment skills, receive food safety training and to participate and give back to their community.