Arduino Day

In 2017, the Wayne County Stourbridge Project hosted its first Arduino Day, bringing together real world maker and those who want to be for an educational and entertaining forum celebrating the Arduino, an open-source, low-cost prototyping board.

The event features a Arduino robotics project showcase, free classes to help adults and youngsters get started inventing and programming. There were also advance programs for experience makers, including 3D printing, laser engraving and robotics demonstrations.

The second annual event in 2018 included speakers and three tiers of educational programs, one of which examined the use of the Arduino and Raspberry Pi in home brewing.

Arduino Day 2019 was held Saturday, April 13 at the Stourbridge Project, 648 Park Street, Honesdale. The day showcased the Makers Movement, advances in technology, the Internet of Things, electronics, Raspberry Pi and more. 

Learn more on the Arduino Day website