Personal Assistance Services

Personal Assistance Services are aimed at assisting the individual to complete tasks of daily living that would be performed independently if they had no disability.

These services include:

  • Non-medical personal care (eating, bathing, dressing, personal
  • General household activities/chores (light housekeeping tasks such as bed making, dusting, and vacuuming, and other activities which are incidental to the care furnished or which are essential to the health and welfare of the individual, preparing meals, grocery shopping, laundry).
  • Cueing to prompt the participant to perform a task, and companion services to assist a functionally impaired individual who cannot be safely left alone.
  • Health maintenance activities provided for the participant, such as bowel and bladder routines, ostomy care, catheter, wound care and range of motion as indicated in the individual’s service plan.
  • Routine wellness services to enable adequate nutrition, exercise, keeping of medical appointments and all other health regimens related to healthy living activities.
  • Overnight Personal Assistance Services provide intermittent or ongoing, awake, overnight assistance to a participant in their home for up to eight hours. Overnight Personal Assistance services require awake-staff.
  • Chore services needed to maintain the home in a clean, sanitary and safe environment – such as washing floors, windows and walls, tacking down loose rugs and tiles, moving heavy items of furniture in order to provide safe access and egress. Personal Assistance Services includes items previous included in “Companion Services”, “Home Support Services”, “Personal Care Services”, and “Homemaker Services”. Some or all of the Personal Assistance Services are available in the Aging Waiver and the Options program.

More Information

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