Wayne Memorial Hospital Speakers

Doctor Speakers

Doctors Topics
Paula Bennett, MD
Osteoporosis, Aging Gracefully
Michael Campbell, MD
Are You Stressed
William Dewar III, MD
Heart Health
Paul Diamond, MD
Immunizations, Parenting
Robert Dohner, DO
Hospice, Health Advocate, Autism/Asperger’s
Michael Gallagher, MD
Robert Gorrell, MD
Richard Hacker, MD
Staying Out of the ER, Winter Safety, Summer Safety
Vance Jones, DDS
Oral/Dental Care
Matthew Kuber, MD
Healthy Hearts
James Kutch, MD
Gastric/Colon Health, TFH
Brian Lenczewski, MD
Minimally Invasive Surgery
Lillian Longendoerfer, DO
Rafael Lopez, MD
Urinary Incontinence
Mark Micciche, MD
Foot Care
Carl Milks, MD
Allergy, Asthma
Edward Murray, MD
Hospitalist, LUPUS
David Reynolds, MD
Gastric/Colon Cancer, Hepatitis
Jose Pino-Torres, MD
Denise Viola, MD
Any obstetrical or gynecology issue

Clinician Speakers

Clinicians Topics
Patricia Konzman, CNM Menopause/ Women’s Health

Other Health Care Professional Speakers

Health Care Professional
Maureen Bartron, RN
Almost any subject!
Erika Black, RN
Same Day Surgery
Doug Buchinski
CT Scans
Lisa Champeau

The Changing Healthcare Landscape in NEPA,
Kay Daley, RN
Infection Control, Flu
Donna Decker, RN

Health & Wellness, Stress Management, Personal Health Record,
Rich Garman
Nadine Greco
Cardiac Rehab, Healthy Hearts
Barbara Griggs-Pratt
Nutritional Health
Terri Henderson
Occupational Health, Exercise
David Hoff, CEO
Mary Lou Hoffner
Home Health Topic/Aging

Judy Grewe, RN
Home Health Topic/Aging

Fred Jackson, WMCHC CEO
Rural Health-meeting the needs
Carol Kneier
Joyce Malicky
Shaun Phillips
Stretching, Physical Activity/Therapy
Diane Popovich, RN
Krina Pratt
Healthy Backs
John Romano
  Breast Cancer/Radiology
Marion Swienki
Long Term Care