Service Coordination

Early Intervention Service Coordinators are responsible for assisting infants, toddlers and their families in securing an independent evaluation for eligibility determination, accessing needed Early Intervention Services, as well as coordinating and monitoring the provision of such services. The Service Coordinator serves as the single point of contact for the family.

The Early Intervention Service Coordinator will contact all families within 5 days of referral and make arrangements for the independent evaluation of the child and develop the Individualized Family Support Plan, should the child be found eligible; within 45 days of referral. Service Coordinators complete an Early Intervention Service Coordination Plan for each family. The plan describes the roles and responsibilities of the Service Coordinator as well as types of activities or services they can help the family access. The Service Coordination Plan shall be reviewed at least every 90 days and shall be updated and reissues if the infant/toddler’s Service coordinator changes. The 90 day review, discussion and individualized follow-up activities, if any, shall be documented and any changes shall be made to the infant/toddler’s Evaluation Report, Individualized Family Support Plan and/or At-Risk Tracking Plan.