Philosophy & Principles

The Wayne County Early Intervention program is based on the Office of Child Development and Early Learning Bulletin Number 00-95-08, Early Intervention Principles.

Family-Centered Principals

These principles establish early intervention services shall be family centered:

  • Celebrates all children and their families
  • Recognizes that families are the constant in a child’s life, which means they know their child best
  • Recognizes that each child and family is unique by honoring their beliefs and cultural, linguistic, racial and socioeconomic diversity
  • Recognizes and values families strengths
  • Honors family priorities
  • Recognizes and values families’ dreams for their children
  • Respects choices and decisions made by families thus maximizing the family’s control over supports and services they receive
  • Respects families’ different methods of coping with life’s events
  • Provides a range of service, support and resource options
  • Provides a range of options, which are flexible and can be adapted to meet the unique needs of the child and family

Inclusion Principals

These principles establish early intervention services shall be delivered in adherence to inclusion principles:

  • Promote family access and participation in all activities and resources of the community
  • Develop and implement coordinated support services for all children and families in local communities
  • Acknowledge parental right to choose the type of appropriate natural environment
  • Foster individual family beliefs and their unique cultural, linguistic, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds
  • Protect the rights of all children according to their diverse abilities and individual needs

Best Practices

These principles establish that early intervention services shall be directed by best practices:

  • Adherence to family centered principles
  • Adherence to inclusion principles
  • Application of the state-of-the-art early intervention and early childhood practices
  • Active and continuous improvement of programs, practices and methods
  • Conduct evaluations and use data to improve services