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Pennsylvania American Legion Phone Scam An image warning of online, phone and other scams.

Members from the PA American Legion have been contacted by a man named Billy Newman. This guy is fishing for information and tells members he is a member of The American Legion. Some have talked to him about purchasing a life membership and is trying to get them to provide their bank account information. On one of them, he has a phone number and the caller ID comes up unavailable. The phone number that was given is 317-967-6675 with a voicemail message saying he is Billy Newman with The American Legion. This is a scam! To report the scam please call The American Legion at 317-630-1200. Website.

About Us

The Wayne County Department of Veteran's Affairs assists veterans and their dependants with claims and issues before the United States Department of Veteran's Affairs or the State Veteran's agencies intervene. This office is fully accredited by the United States Department of Veteran's Affairs.