Narcan for Overdoses

Drug and Alcohol Commission Funds Narcan for Task Force

Honesdale - The Wayne County Drug and Alcohol (D&A) Commission has partnered with the Wayne County Heroin Prevention Task Force to put a life-saving opioid overdose antidote into the hands of family, friends and community members who may be in a position to save a life.

For the second year, the agency has given a grant to the Task Force to support their Narcan Distribution initiatives in Wayne County. The Grant is for $3,000 allowing the Wayne County Heroin Prevention Task Force to purchase up to 40 kits which they will then distribute at a series of small public meetings /training.

“This is a harm reduction technique that saves lives and allows people the opportunity to get help,” Drug & Alcohol Commission Administrator Jeff Zerechak said, calling it a tool in the toolbox.

Narcan for Overdoses

Narcan is a life-saving overdose reversal medication that blocks the effects of heroin and opiates and reverses an overdose. The Task Force has done many distribution events already and have an effective system in place to get this life saving medication in the hands of those that need it.

The antidote will be put into the rescue kits the group provides to those who take the training course on how to administer it. Narcan is available at any local pharmacy to anyone who wants to have it on hand, but the Task Force trains people on how to respond to the overdose and how to administer the antidote.


In the beginning one dose of the antidote was enough. But with the mixing of much stronger Fentanyl and the deadly animal tranquilizer Carfentanyl with the street heroin, multiple doses of Naloxone are often required to revive a person.

Each of the kits provided to those who complete the training contains instructions, a face mask for rescue breaths, a copy of the Good Samaritan Act, disposable gloves and two doses of Naloxone.

All participants must come to the Task Force training having first completed the online training offered by Department Of Health and have a certificate of completion in hand. For more information, follow the Wayne County Heroin Prevention Task Force on Facebook.

The Task Force has put more than 150 overdose reversal kits in the community, resulting in at least three confirmed recoveries.