Office of Victim / Witness


The Victim Witness Program in Wayne County serves to inform and educate crime victims of their rights. It provides victims the opportunity to take an active role in decisions related to how their case is handled. This enables victims to receive justice and begin the healing process to restore their lives, as much as possible, to the pre-crime emotional status and also their economic status through restitution and compensation programs.

Victims of crime have the right to receive basic information concerning the services that are available to them through the program. Some of these services offered are:

  • The victim receiving notification of certain significant actions and court proceedings within the criminal and juvenile justice systems pertaining to their case
  • Accompaniment to criminal and juvenile proceedings
  • Opportunity to offer prior comment on the droppings of charges and sentencing of a defendant, or the disposition of a juvenile offender
  • Inmate release or escape notification
  • Assistance in completing compensation forms