Zoning Ordinances

In Wayne County, 14 of the 28 municipalities have adopted a Zoning Ordinance.  Wayne County does not have an adopted countywide Zoning Ordinance.   The map depicts those Wayne County municipalities that have adopted a Zoning Ordinance (illustrated in green).  Copies of individual Zoning Maps are available for each municipality by clicking on the name of the municipality listed.  For specific questions on the zoning classification of a particular parcel or zoning regulations contact the municipal zoning officer. 

Standards & Regulations

Also available when the zoning map is opened are the zoning development standards and regulations for that particular municipality.  To view these standards, simply scroll down below the opened municipal zoning map.  However, these standards are for general reference only.  Since zoning in Wayne County is a local municipal issue, zoning ordinances are frequently updated with amendments by those municipal governments with zoning. 

Any person interested in the local zoning regulations should not make any economic or detailed decisions without verifying with the appropriate local municipal zoning officials that the standards posted on this site are the most current standards in effect.

Wayne County Zoning Map